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In a group discussion, we will also consider how elections fold into other branches of astrology. This webinar examines the archetypes of Sun and Saturn as an intimately yet uncomfortably linked pair - whether or not they are in aspect. We will explore them as guides that take us through worldly embodiment and ego towards the luminosity of our eternal spirit. Who is calling the shots in your chart? Who is the King of your chart? Bring your charts along and get a perspective that you never had before.

An Introduction to the Nakshtras or the Lunar Constellations. Are you really a Leo? Find out how the three key pillars in your Indian chart can provide a wealth of information to your karmic traits and personality. You are more than just your Moon Sign. Discover the stars beyond our Solar System that have been with you for thousands of years.

Beneath more superficial attraction, what is really driving us towards relationship? This webinar looks at features of the chart that direct the real pull towards others: hard aspects, missing elements, chart paradoxes or contradictions, and the deep desire for wholeness. Where did the mysticism go, and how do we bring it back?

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Not all placements in a birth chart are activated at all times. The natal potential of a planet is awakened when it is a time lord. The webinar will include to analyse annual profections with solar return charts and transits to clarify the potential of your time lord that year. He was certified with honours from the Mayo School of Astrology and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of interpretation.

Lesson 80 — Viparita Raja Yoga.

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Lesson 81 — Punarphoo Yoga. Lesson 83 — Significance of Shakat Yoga. Lesson 84 — Paap Kartari Yoga. Lesson 85 — Sanyasa Yoga or Pravrajya Yoga. Lesson 86 — Importance of Saturn in Astrology. Lesson 87 — Importance of Jupiter in Astrology. Lesson 88 — Importance of Venus in Astrology. Lesson 89 — Importance of Mars in Astrology. Lesson 90 — The Importance of Mercury in Astrology. Lesson 91 — Importance of Moon In Astrology.

Lesson 92 — Importance of Sun In Astrology. Lesson 94 — Abhijit Muhurta. Lesson 95 — How weak Moon affects the emotions? Lesson 96 — Effects of weak Mercury on your Life.

Lesson 97 — Importance of Venus in relationships. Lesson 98 — Impact of Weak Mars on your Life. Lesson 99 — How Weak Jupiter affects your Life? Lesson Panch Mahapurush Yoga. Lesson — Types of Houses — Upachaya House. Lesson — Marriage Timings and the Nature of Relationships. Lesson — Study of Divisional Charts. Lesson — How to understand the Conjunctions? Lesson — The power of Moola-Trikona. Lesson — Vargottama Planet. Lesson — Darakaraka — Indicator of Your Spouse. Lesson — Know your Spouse through Birth Chart.

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Lesson — Shadbalas — Planetary Strength. Lesson — Secret of Karakas. Lesson — Kendradhipati Dosha and Related Thoughts. Lesson — Significance of Kal Sarp Dosh. Lesson — Significance and Effects of Kemdrum Dosha. Lesson — The Concept of Badhakesh. Lesson 9 — More about rashi zodiac signs. Lesson 11 — Planetary significance of rashi zodiac signs.

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Lesson 12 — Planets, general information. Lesson 14 — Directions of planets; combustion. Lesson 15 — The lords of Rashi zodiac signs.

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Lesson 16 — More about the lords of rashi zodiac signs. Lesson 17 — The relations between planets and Grahadrishti. Lesson 18 — Gulika Maandi.

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  • Lesson 19 — Result of Gulika. Lesson 20 — Gulika positioned in different houses.