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As a Libra, you enjoy having few friends. You are very romantic and you always end up falling in love with the wrong people. You are also charming and humorous. This not only enable you to be at peace no matter the challenges you are undergoing but also makes you popular among your friends and the people who know you. Being a Libra also means that you have a lot of emotions.

You always want to be kept in the loop about why your partner committed something wrong. You value your children and you always want to give them the best life you never had. If you were born on September 25, you also value your healthy and you always take measures intended to keep you fit and healthy.

You have a deep affinity for sports and healthy food.

The Gemini/Cancer Cusp

You set big goals and dreams and you do whatever it takes to achieve them. You always want to travel the world, drive the best models of cars and wear the most elegant clothes and shoes.

Cancer Cusp Traits

People born on September 25 are generally honest, charming, social and love being perfect. If you were born on this day you value your friends and family above all else. You always describe them with the best terms available. If you were born on September 25 then your traits are greatly dictated by both planet Venus and planet Neptune. Planet Neptune dictated the day you were phone while planet governed your personal characteristics.

As a result you are generally honest, charming, humorous, sincerity, alertness and general perfection is determined by the two planets. You are also alert and usually mysterious in a way. You might however be less forgiving, insensitive and sometimes stubborn. If you were born on September 25, you always have luck when looking for a job. This is because your good appearance is always appealing to your employers.

As a Libra, you also have luck in keeping your businesses running. This is because you normally have wonderful business skills and you are not too concerned with making huge amounts of profits.

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The fact that you are a perfectionist also expose you to great job opportunities especially those careers that require precision. You charming and humorous nature can also make you persuasive and popular. This helps improve your sales revenue thus boosting the performance of your business. As a Libra, you also energetic and possess a great desire to succeed.

These are some of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Last Updated on October 27th, What is the zodiac sign for September 25? September 25 zodiac sign compatibility If you were born September 25 you are likely compatible with two more signs namely Gemini and Aquarius since you seem to share the same traits.

September 25 birthday personality If you were born on September 25, you are an idealistic person. People born on September 25 People born on September 25 are generally honest, charming, social and love being perfect. Characteristics of people born on September 25 If you were born on September 25 then your traits are greatly dictated by both planet Venus and planet Neptune. Career horoscope for September 25 If you were born on September 25, you always have luck when looking for a job.

Virgo-Librans are great, they actually are! And if you are born between September 19 to 23, you are one of these wonderfully creative and artistic people! The traits that you possess are truly a blessing in every way; however, it is only a degree of lack of self-control, or over-indulgence that sort of takes you off-track at times.

As we're discussing your relationships, what makes things difficult is the fact that both the Libra side of you and the Virgo side of you has different needs in a relationship.

Personal Planets on the Virgo/Libra Cusp

While the Virgo side would want a sense of discipline and perfection in a relationship, the Libra side would pull you towards taking a neutral approach to it. After evaluating the characteristics of your sign, we have shortlisted six signs from the zodiac chart that can be called worthy prospects for a good love match. Go through the individual explanation of your chemistry with each of these signs, so as to understand the relationship equation that you share with them.

Everything You Need To Know About The Libra In Your Life | Thought Catalog

Scorpio happens to be the sign that follows Virgo and Libra in the zodiac chart. Being the immediate follower, it possesses the traits that do well to handle the 'cusp-affect' in you. This sign-bearer will be responsible, focused, brave, and quite an enchanter! Also, as you two are quite goal-oriented, and enjoy some good conversations now and then, you two will hit it off quite well.

All about compatible Zodiac Signs

Even in the long run, both of you tend to have similar outlook towards life. You both need power, money, and luxury to cater to your materialistic and somewhat-superficial needs. Being a balanced sign during the good times , Scorpio would do well as a partner to live up to your expectations.

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  5. What's the catch? Well, you can be harsh, cold, and overcritical at times, while your Scorpio lover is quite sensitive when it comes to negative comments. Although, you are loyal to your partner, this harmless flirting may not be taken sportingly, causing the Scorpion to sting you venomously! However, if you tune into your Libra tendency and balance things out, and evoke your Virgo side to communicate and calm the fury of your lover, thereby bringing about peace and harmony in the bond, it can result into fruitfulness, for sure.

    Sophia Loren was married to one, and he was the only one she was married to! That does say quite a lot about the potential that this pair has, doesn't it? The beauty, creativity, intellectualism, and the ability to become a part of some interesting debates will attract a Sagittarius towards you quite easily. Rarely does he or she see a person with beauty and brains!

    The glitch in this union is that the inconsistency, overconfidence, and impatience of the archer will push the patience and politeness in you beyond limits. You are a great motivator, and though you ain't good at manipulating others, you very well have the love, charm, politeness, and devotion to bring your lover back on track. However, you must do so with love and patience, not with dominance and authority.

    A Capricorn partner could be the best person to be with, considering the fact that you two are almost the same when it comes to your nature and desires. Both of you are practical, focused, determined, patient, cautious, and disciplined.

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    You both use your logic and wisdom to overcome conflicts, rather than losing your mind to anger and frustration. You both know how crucial it is to succeed in life, and are not afraid or reluctant to persevere. When you two come together in a relationship, there is this mutual faith, dependency, and trust that you have towards each other. Each of you know that the other understands your needs, and will do all that should be done, invariably. Sounds perfect? This lover is dependable, like-minded, but is also very shy and reserved. Another thing is that a Capricorn is very stubborn and does not share your sense of artistic outlook towards life.

    Therefore, don't try to be a demanding and nagging teacher in this respect. Trusting your abilities to be the devoted lover that you are, we give you two a perfect rating! The presence of Venus, which happens to be the ruling planet of both Libra and Taurus, makes this pair quite compatible, with some issues that can be easily overcome. Both of you share the love for materialistic things, finest luxuries, and fascinating artwork in your life.

    Discipline, hard work, focus, and perseverance comes naturally to the both of you. Not that you tend to, but, if needed, you can depend on this bull at any time of the day and you will never be disappointed! Your Taurus lover can also become very possessive when it comes to your highly-social lifestyle, interaction with the opposite sex, and the admirers that you are bound to be surrounded with. All in all, the chemistry that the two of you share is pretty intense! A perfectionist meets another! What could be a better match than this, or could there be one? Being with your partial sign, Virgo, can be of immense help in your life.