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Transiting Venus Trines Natal Venus Attraction for considerably beautiful people increases during this time. Lots of unusually romantic encounters during this transit as well. Transiting Venus Conjuncts Natal Mars People with lots of masculine energy will be likely more attracted to people with a lot of feminine energy and vice versa during this transit.

Symbolizes actually seeking out a love interest. Indicates the likelihood of meeting a new love interest. Relationships are very passionate during this time.

Marriage and Love timing in astrology. Transits, progressions and other ways to see love.

Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Mars Attracts the people you actually want to attract into your life. Transiting Venus Squares Natal Mars Desires for a more physical relationship is indicated at this time.

Astrology Love Secrets – Venus

Not the best for starting a relationship during this time as you will be more attracted to looks than personality. Transiting Venus Trines Natal Mars Relationships started under this transit will likely last a long time and be satisfying. During this time it is easier to charm people.

Love is a celebration when Jupiter is involved. Transiting Venus Sextiles Natal Jupiter New relationships started under this transit bring out the best qualities in you. Attraction towards people with a very vast mind is indicated. Transiting Venus Conjunct Natal Saturn Relationships started under this transit are loyal and long lasting. Transiting Venus Sextile Natal Saturn If you have an existing relationship, you may want it to become more serious during this time.

Seeking out new relationships during this transit may make you consider deeply about what exactly you are looking for. You may seek out someone who is very stable during this time. Daydreaming or having fantasies about potential relationships in your life. During this time you are willing to sacrifice for your lover. Transiting Venus Trines Natal Neptune Like the sextile, it carries sensitive and romantic energy in subtle, pleasant ways.

New relationships started under this transit feel very spiritual. If you are in an existing relationship, it may be time to evaluate whether or not you guys are soul-mates. Meeting new love interests under this transit makes you infatuated and obsessed with them.

Transiting Venus Squares Natal Pluto Emotional transformations generally happen during a transit like this. Could be for better or for worse. New relationships started under this transit seem to have some sort of magnetism to them. They are intense and magical. Transiting Venus Conjuncts Midheaven Good transit for marriage and a good day to confess love to someone. Transiting Venus Trines Midheaven A good transit for sorting out difficulties and mending a relationship.

Time to put everything out in the open and allow love to heal it.

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Transiting Venus Conjuncts Ascendant The likelihood of meeting a new love interest during this time is great. It is also a good time to mend broken relationships. Go out with friends, have a good time and then you will be able to seek a new love interest. Transiting Venus Opposites Ascendant A good day to introduce yourself to potential love interests. Indicates the beginning of new love relationships.

Lord Venus: The Mentor of Demons

Very good time to be going out and meeting people. Transiting Sun Conjuncts Natal Venus You will crave attention during this time and you will do a great effort to get the attention you think you deserve. You may also find a new love interest.

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  • Also a good time to talk about your relationship with your lover. Indicates love-hate relationships and tension. Sexual desires run high.

    Venus Will Make All Zodiac Signs Feel Adventurous In Love In January

    Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts Natal Venus On the rare occasion that a relationship starts under this transit, it is extremely favourable and successful. Also beneficial to existing relationships. New relationships started under this transit are often very significant.

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    Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios benefit the most which is a major blessing during this crazy Mercury Retrograde coming up , while Aries, Libras, and Capricorns face more changes in their relationships good and bad for the next few weeks. This transit also makes it so that you feel way more eager to give and receive love. So this time is all about figuring out the people who matter most to you and really digging deep, spending tons of time together, and strengthening the ties you share with them. Alternatively, you might have to enforce your own boundaries with someone soon because they dump their feelings on you and try to use you as an emotional crutch, which is also not okay!

    Venus in Cancer makes you super sentimental, too, which can be deadly with Mercury Retrograde going on all month long, bringing back exes and old friends. Just please try to remember why your ex is an ex! Your relationships are all going through a major glow-up with Venus in Cancer. This astrology is pushing you to honor your feelings and listen to your heart plus your favorite sappy love songs , and by the time Venus finishes its time in Cancer, you and your closest loved ones will be tighter than spandex! Read your Sun and rising sign horoscopes below:. Your sign can have a great time with Venus in Cancer because it gives you the chance to become familiar with the people around you.

    Coworkers, acquaintances, and other day-to-day, casual relationships become easy to maintain and grow. With all these new people, a new best friend or partner could be in your midst as well! The constant stream of potential lovers flooding your DMs slows to a trickle for the next few weeks, but that gives you a second to catch your breath and look over all the new people in your life to decide which ones you want to get to know better. A bonus of Venus in Cancer for your sign is the chance to be surprised by a little extra cash in your next paycheck too!

    Venus is in your sign, and boy, does it feel good! With the eclipse and retrograde happening to your sign, the positive vibes of the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty help you survive this month. You can use this energy to get a makeover, buy a new outfit, re-download Tinder and send out a few Super-Likes to find your next crush.

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    Expect great results because Venus is making you feel super hot and look even hotter! Sure, it feels good, but what about when the cameras are off?